Q: Who was the founder?
A: He doesn't like being named. Don't waste your time guessing. I won't confirm or deny.

Q: Will you take my dox down?
A: No. That is one of the only real rules this place has. Accurate dox stay up at all costs. Complaining loudly enough will just lead to all of your communications related to your dox removal request being tacked to the end of your entry.

Q: I can't find a post I made. Why did you delete it?
A: It was either 1. Failure or outright spam/some form of advertisement (Everything from energy crystals to uncut Colombian cocaine), or 2. Renamed because the title contained characters that made the post unviewable (This should only apply to older posts, and those should all be fixed by now) or because you added tl;dr bullshit to the title (Adding ".txt" by hand, adding "dox" to the end of a title, etc are good ways to trigger this).

Q: I'm having trouble submitting dox. Help!
A: You probably tripped one of the site's anti-spam countermeasures. Hitting your back button and trying to repost will just make things worse. Visit the index page again (Most error messages will throw up a link to it) and re-paste the dox.

Q: Is the site down?
A: Possible reasons for downtime include:
1. The host is having problems. (Upstream; out of my control. Try again in an hour or so)
2. I've made a config change or two and broken something horribly. (It happens, especially if I decide to "fix" something at 3 AM. Try again in a couple of minutes).

Q: What's with the icons next to dox?
A: Hovering over the icons will show metadata about that particular entry. Clicking on the entry will show that hover text at the top, in a different color. The icons indicate the quality of the dox. Here's a rundown of the different icons, their corresponding text colors, and explanations:

Green Check Box (verification) The original green checkbox. This means that the dox have been verified at some point. Green text. ??.??% of all posts currently on the site bear this icon.
Red Jolly Roger (ssn) The infamous Red Jolly Roger. These entries contain SSNs or other illegal info. Red text. Currently, ??.??% of all the site's entries have this icon.
Tomb stone (rip) Someone in the entry is dead. Silver text. In use on ??.??% of all entries currently on the site.
Mail (email) The person has e-mailed the staff, usually to make threats or demand a removal. Orange text. ??.??% of the entries bear this icon.

Contact with us: Public Group of Wearelegal

Contáctanos: Grupo Público de Wearelegal