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Sabine Müller
Spielfelderstraße 6
8472 Straß
Leibnitz Bezirk, Steiermark

Maternal Uncle & Aunt:
Url & Romana Neuhold
Obervogau, Gswelleg 3
8472 Straß
Leibnitz Bezirk, Steiermark

Reason doxed: carrying out years of child abuse and possibly organizing the multiple rapes of one then 9yo Franziska Müller in 2011 by then 16yo Daniel Neuhold, her first cousin, after her father died in 2010 from suicide when she was 8 at some point between 1/1/11 and 7/31/11


Kik - frafra_x3
Skype - frafra_x3
Snapchat - frafra_x3
Gmail - [email protected]
Name - Franziska Josephine Müller
DOB - 7/31/01

Her School: 
High School Of The Ursulines
Leonhardstraße 62
8010 Graz
#: +43 316 32330011

Her IP:

Reason Doxed: Ungrateful thot can't get her life straight and sucks the life out of guys she dates. She will hide information about herself from you and say you are making her problems your problem. She refuses to see any wrong in her personal behavior. She never tries in relationships and refuses to acknowledge that her not resolving her traumas when they were still ongoing can damage any romantic relationship she is currently engaged in. She has Stockholm Syndrome and protects these sick fucks. She is a horrible person to date. She will let shit happen to her and you will have to be a parent to her and defend her and try to fix things for the sake of your relationship. 

"Ludere cunnus? Futuere!"

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