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#1.1 Emails
#1.2 social media
#1.3 Location
#1.4 Passwords
#2 Parents Information
#2.1 Father
#2.2 Mother
#3 IRL Friends

1 -	Name: Jewell Olivia Salihovic
	DOB: 11/17/04
	Grade: 8th? (could be wrong) 
	School: Burnie High School
	Phone: (61) 0409-239786
	Disorder: ASD

1.1 - Email(s)
	[email protected] 
	[email protected]
	[email protected] 
	[email protected] 
	[email protected] (hacked)

1.2 - Social Media
	Youtube (first channel she ever made, got hacked, then unhacked by someone who gave it to his friend to use as a MoonMan channel which got terminated in late 2017)
	Twitter (Hacked)
	Possible Facebook	
	Discord (expired link to her current server) (she deleted it LOLE) 
	DeviantArt (Hacked)

1.3 - Location
	Country: Australia
	State: Tasmania
	Postal Code: 7320
	City: Burnie/Park Groove
	Address (Dads): Un 2 259 Mount Street, Upper Burnie, TAS
	Address (Mums): 14 Van Diemens Cres, Park Groove, TAS	
	Internet Protocol Address: (little inaccurate)
	Reverse DNS:
	Nameservers: >> >> >> >>
	ISP: Telstra Internet
	Time zone: GMT+11

2 - Parents Information
	2.1 - Father
	Dad's name: Mark Salihovic
	Dad's Job: Cheese maker at Lion Dairy & Drinks - The Heritage
	Dad's Facebook:
	Dad's phone:  (03) 6432-1866

	2.2 - Mother
	Mom's name: Leanne Culbert
	Mom's job(s): Works at Football Federation Tasmania, Vice President at Burnie United FC, Canteen manager at Burnie United FC, 						 
        Support Worker at Multicap Tasmania
	Mom's facebook:
	Mom's instagram:
	Mom's phone: N/A (I tried whitepages AU and nothing came up)

3 - IRL friends (These are her close friends that are well known, won't be doxxed, some people like mojo12 are not faggi whiteknights therefore are 100% okay.)

Contact with us: Chicle or akaDrakon.
Contáctanos: Chicle o akaDrakon.