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- Personal Info
- Profiles and Accounts
- Family
- DB Strings
- Confirmation
Personal Info==========>
Handles/Aliases--------: agar
-----------------------: agar58
-----------------------: Demist
-----------------------: LXT
-----------------------: Diverse
-----------------------: Diversity
-----------------------: Astrathegod
-----------------------: Titan
-----------------------: Tally
-----------------------: Nyann
-----------------------: GuessNyann
-----------------------: Guess Nyann
-----------------------: Ninetys OG
-----------------------: Zoo Nyann
-----------------------: Dope Nyann
-----------------------: Prefer BoosT
-----------------------: UhhBoosT
-----------------------: Xspecs
-----------------------: Prefer BoosT
-----------------------: Unrunnable
-----------------------: Conflict
-----------------------: Gawpin
-----------------------: Zx Retrox
-----------------------: Zx AlliencexD
-----------------------: Miz7ikxSlayerx
-----------------------: Speedballer
-----------------------: teqknoleerivalZz
-----------------------: FazeBulletproof
Name-------------------: Mario Saldana
Date of Birth----------: June 8, 1998
Address----------------: 370 Plantation DR, Clint, TX 79836-1907 (Also on his skype payment)
Phone Numbers----------: ***-***-**52 --> Most recent
-----------------------: 656-308-9642
-----------------------: 915-253-8993 --> Tmobile Paul Ramos
Email------------------: [email protected]
-----------------------: [email protected]
-----------------------: [email protected]
-----------------------: [email protected]
-----------------------: [email protected]
-----------------------: [email protected]
-----------------------: im********@a******.*** --> possibly [email protected]******.***
-----------------------: ha************ - @unrunnable
Common Password--------: Shadow456
-----------------------: D!verse#god
School-----------------: Clint High School, Clint TX
BTC Address------------: 1Bswf8YHBd4epFaGD6uT9QkuCaR2TpLbvi
IP History------------->
-----------------------: --> ATT DSL in El Paso, Texas
-----------------------: --> VPN in california
-----------------------: --> Cablemas Communications in Mexico
-----------------------: --> VPN in Luxembourg
-----------------------: --> Cablemas Communications in Mexico
Profiles & Accs========>
Twitters---------------: @unrunnable
-----------------------: @gawpin
-----------------------: @fazebulletproof
-----------------------: @x581321
-----------------------: @hail36055
-----------------------: @garotted
-----------------------: @r0oting
-----------------------: @indentings
-----------------------: @copyists
-----------------------: @hail367
-----------------------: @destrvcts
-----------------------: @seating --> He jacked it and is using it apparently
-----------------------: @titanfall
-----------------------: @mindoftitan
Skypes-----------------: unrunnable
-----------------------: tased.
-----------------------: e3vazive
-----------------------: hailsfalling
-----------------------: faze.bulletproof
-----------------------: live:e3vazive
-----------------------: specs-- 
-----------------------: leaders (possible)
-----------------------: astrathegod
-----------------------: e.x.p.l.o.i.t.e.d.
-----------------------: beefings
-----------------------: airclanunited
Jabber-----------------: [email protected]
-----------------------: [email protected]
Note: He lives with his uncle and aunt.
Name-------------------: Victor R. Elias
Address----------------: 370 Plantation DR, Clint, TX 79836-1907
Previous Address-------: 11620 Riverside RD El Paso, TX 79927
Name-------------------: Karla Jessica Elias
-----------------------: Karla Saldana
Address----------------: 370 Plantation DR, Clint, TX 79836-1907
Previous Address-------: 11620 Riverside RD El Paso, TX 79927
Aliases/Handles--------: Tio Asaldac
-----------------------: Azaldak
-----------------------: XXAWXX Azaldak
-----------------------: Pato
Name-------------------: Rene Saldana
-----------------------: Asaldac Saldana
Location---------------: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Other accounts---------:
Name-------------------: Carmen Saldana
Location---------------: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, mexico
-----------------------: Monaque Saldana (
-----------------------: Arden Saldana (
DB Strings=============>
File-------------------: Delicious_Takoyaki.txt :
22006 GuessNyann [email protected] 0ba9c66662cd4fafad07233404bbaa7610cdf28e Shadow456
File00000--------------: lizardstresser.sql :
146050: INSERT INTO `users` (`ID`, `username`, `password`, `email`,
`rank`, `membership`, `expire`, `status`, `used`, `key`) VALUES (131270,'Diverse','D!verse#god',
'[email protected]',0,0,0,0,0,'');
Well, I had to add this because I know he will deny the dox is him, and he will probably still deny
it even with this written out, but it's w/e it is obvious that it is him plus i talked to other
people that told me the dox was right as well. 
Hail's current twitter is @Hail367, and a normal search on google reveals this:
578297853296185344+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ie which is logs of Hail talking to Florian on twitter.
However, Florian addresses Hail by @x581321, which indicates that Hail's old twitter used to
be @x581321 and that he changed the @ to Hail367 later on. Also notice the dates of this convo,
the twitter @Hail367 did not even exist when this conversation took place.
Having found Hail's old twitter @x581321, and looking at google caches of his old tweets, it
became even more obvious that it was Hail's twitter just due to the amount of similarities in
their speech / mannerisms.
The twitter @x581321 (Hail's old twitter) is linked to a few doxes. On the doxes it says like
"Doxed by LXT follow me on twitter @x581321". Which indicates that 'LXT' is one of Hail's old
aliases. Also, if you look at 2 doxes, one done by LXT (@x581321) and another done by Hail
(@Hail367), you see that the doxes are almost exactly the same in format, as also shown here: . This is further evidence that @Hail367 = LXT (@x581321).
LXT aka @x581321 is also known to be Astrathegod. I spoke with several people that validated
that LXT was Astrathegod, and in addition to that, this pastebin mentions LXT aka @x581321
as being Astrathegod : . ([email protected] - "Harmless Idiot Who
Thinks He Knows Shit" Plus He Is Astra teh Haxor God) so at this point we were able to gather that
Hail = LXT = Astrathegod. Also, I found several people who were able to validate that Hail is
Astrathegod, without having to go through the LXT step in-between.
Some additional evidence that Hail is Astrathegod is:
(1) Astrathegod seemed to disappear around the time that LXT aka Hail appeared 
(2) Astrathegod was friends with the same people that Hail is friends with 
(3) Astrathegod had some disinfo out on him that his name was Ben Campbell, and on Hail's old skype
tased. the display name is Ben, and apparently Hail told people that his name was Ben also 
(4) We compared Hail's doxes with Astrathegod's doxes and they were almost exactly identical also
in terms of their formats .. 
(5)Hail and Astrathegod both use the same mannerisms on the internet, i.e telling people to
"deactivate" and saying that people are going to get "clowned". He has a very distinctive style of
speech on the internet, among this includes both Astra aka Diverse and Hail asking people if they
know how to do a while loop in PHP. Just to show this, as it is very convincing when you see it,
look at the prntscrns below.
- (Loser, deactivate, wannabe)
Once we were convinced that Hail was Astrathegod, doxing him off his Astra alias wasn't hard. And
we confirmed it because Astra's emails and his facebook that we jacked had the same password as his
skype, and he posted pictures of himself on Xbox on his facebook etc.
Additional confirmation that Hail = Mario Saldana is:
(1) On Mario Saldana's facebook page, he posts pictures of a female celebrity with black hair,
around the same time Hail updated his twitter profile picture to that of an almost identical
looking female celebrity.
(2) Pictures uploaded to Mario Saldana's facebook from his phone show that he is using Rocket VPN,
and I think it is odd someone who supposedly quit the scene (assuming astra isn't hail) would be
using a VPN on his phone. Additionally, the pictures of Mario's phone and Hail's phone from his
twitter pictures seem to match.
(3) Mario goes to school at Clint High School, which starts school on August 24. On August 24 Hail
did not tweet on Twitter for like 30 hours, which is the longest he has ever been off twitter.

Contact with us: Chicle or akaDrakon.
Contáctanos: Chicle o akaDrakon.