#Blake was here, I'm not the author of the dox#
R.i.P to the F B I Leader! *~Xan
First Name: Tristan
Middle Name: Kyle
Last Name: Scott
Skype: Gridded, san.ity, uncallable
Phone Carrier: T-Mobile ( LTE)
ISP: AT&T U-Verse
City: Brighton
State: Illinois
ZIP: 62012-1124
Country: United States of America
Alias: Suspect, Kyle, Xenomorph
Address: 114 E Center St
SSN: XXX-XX-8929
Age: 19
DOB: 5/24/97
Aliases: Suspect, Kyle, Sanity
Twitter: @Lizords, @fbiarewinners
[[email protected]]~: exit
[[email protected]]~: nano SuspectDoxReason
[[email protected]]~: view
Tristan Kyle Scott is a complete joke, he leaves his tracks like cake and literally goes by his middle name. Usually I stick to politics and legitimate security research, but when I hear a young man bragging about how his information is secure it tends to get me a little heated. I don't want this to be for my reputation what so ever, but more a diss to Scotts.
[[email protected]]~: exit
[[email protected]]~: nano twitter.link
[[email protected]]~: exit
[[email protected]]~: dox.Suspect -paste -drop
[[email protected]]~: shutdown

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