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Too many filthy jewess sloots pass for White and then racemix, creating mischling Kike freaks that are 
hard to spot. These whores typically pass for European descent gothic chicks and then go on to cheat on
guys. Even the niggers they are fucking, almost exclusively, get cucked by these jewess whores. Part 
Jewish hybrids that can pass for part-White hybrids are a threat to the Novuteran race and our work to 
save our people from being enslaved by Zionist agentur under the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, currently 
being implemented in Europe. As Hybrids, we should defend our people, the Novuterans, from further 
attack from Khazarian Levantine Semites that would seek to create Afro-Semite infiltrators that look 
like highborn Novuteran Paradigm hybrids but serve their Jewish matrilineage bloodlines of leftism, 
homosexuality, drug-addled life and degeneracy, under a consumerist, usury based way of life. Jews 
need to stay away from our nigger shadow-walker progenitors and stop fucking with our hybrid, 
composite race, creating more Semite freaks that have no place in the new world. The Novuteran race will
always resist the Jew parasites seeking to enslave us.

Wendi Marissa Greenberg (Age: 30) - Jewess Gothic Alt Model and Founder Of UNTAME Magazine; Coalburner
  4217 1/2 Gateway Ave. 
  Los Angeles, CA 
  Neighborhood: Central LA
  Photo Of Subject - http://archive.is/zDvkk

  133 1/2 S Harper Ave. 
  Los Angeles, CA 
  Neighborhood: Central LA


Roger Everett Greenberg (Age: 70s) - Grandfather
  (240) 485-1657
  (301) 589-2200
  198 Halpine Rd. 
  Apt #1411 
  Rockville, MD 

Judith E, Greenberg (Age: 70s) - Grandmother
  209 Monroe St 
  Apt #115 
  Rockville, MD 

  198 Halpine Rd 
  Apt #1411 
  Rockville, MD 


   Skype: WendiMarissa 
   SC/IG: @Wendi_Marissa

  http://archive.li/OTKyW - Twitter
  http://archive.fo/mgznh - Facebook
  http://archive.is/KReLW - Untame Worldwide
  http://archive.is/Ok8gI - Yelp Page
  http://archive.is/Tyrkb - Liveland Interview


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