�Personal information:

Full Name: David Bryan Rodriguez
Nicks: turbodavid999
City: Lima
State/Province: Lima
Country: Peru
study in high school: Colegio San Felipe
Sexo: Masculino
Years: 10�

�Information about your wifi:

IP address:
AS Number: AS12252 America Movil Peru S.A.C.
ASN name (ISP): America Movil Peru S.A.C.
ISP: Claro Peru
Operating System: Windows 
IDD Code: +51 
Reverse DNS:
location of the house: ------
Converted Decimal IP: 3003633888
DNS server (NS record): ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
- -
Registry: lacnic

�Social Networks:

Gmail: [email protected]
Skype new: facebook:1613281272283692
Skype above: live:turbodavid999

�Photos of the:

photos where the:,
photos of him with mom:

�Facebook and Family photos:

   �Facebook of mom:
facebook of mom:\%3A100002320237596\%3A1507862010
photos of the mom:
   �Aunt's Facebook
facebook Aunt�s:
Photos of the aunt:

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