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·Personal information:

Full Name: Alejandro Zoto
City: Caracas
State/Province: Distrito Federal
Country: Venezuela 
IP address:
Hostname: 201-208-240-187.genericrev.cantv.net 
AS Number: AS8048 CANTV Servicios, Venezuela
Length and Latitude of your house Lat/Lon:
ISP: Cantv
Operating System: Windows 
IDD Code: +58
Reverse DNS:
Converted Decimal IP: 3385913531
ASN Information: Country: VE
-Registration Date: 1997-03-20
-Registrar: lacnic
-Owner: CANTV Servicios, Venezuela, VE

·Social Networks:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alejandro.zoto1
facebook of mom: https://www.facebook.com/sonia.moran.737 
Sexo: Masculino
Years: 13 years
Photos of the mom: https://prnt.sc/gtpvzk
photos of him and her mother together: https://prnt.sc/gtpyw5

//Doxing by #TeamZ & AlcatrazSistem//

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