Roberto Lopez

This kid is a borderline sex offender and predophile, he spreads a RAT (remote admin tool) which allows him to access the web cameras and personal files of computers,
he specifically targets little kids in there year 11's 12's to hopefully get a sexual thrill on watching them through there web cameras. The first time he bragged to me about it I was horrified and immediately started taking screen shots to maybe help bring him to justice, This kid's 15 years old and his sexuality is strictly homosexual, he mainly targets little boys. He told me he once saw a kid dressing on his camera recorded him to either sell or share with his freinds.

Pics of a little boy he took:
Pics of a little boy he took 2:
Pics of a little boy he took 3:

Please do anything you can to him, the more the better. Pedophillia isnt a cool thing, when I confronted him he tried to bribe me not to release his info. LOL

Name ► Robèrto Lòpez (now goes by tranny name Roberta "pronounced Robertita")
Born â–º September 9th 2002
Age â–º 15
Emails â–º [email protected] [email protected]
Parents â–º Evelyn Lopez (40s), Raul Charles Lopez II (70s)
Address â–º 3802 Lake Rd
City â–º Conneaut, Ohio
IP â–º
Sexuality â–º "Gay demisexual"
Steam profiles â–º
Notes â–º Goes by the pronouns "me/mir" because Me is the initial of Mexico, sold all of their steam accounts besides the one linked above
OS of choice â–º Ubuntu Mate 
Screenshot of OS â–º

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Contáctanos: Chicle o akaDrakon.