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Incomplete & Quick dox on this narcissistic shitstain and mentally disabled psychopathic retard
Every single person that BWA Moda has targeted was 1. underage or 2. mentally unstable
He tried sending misnar/josh, a 16 year old kid to jail for 5 years and manufactured a future FBI sting where
josh would attempt to shoot Nicholas Kyle Martino (scorchiepoo) with a deactivated weapon after 5 years and go back
to jail on attempted murder charges, then this shitstain would get an actual payday. He is a complete narcissistic moron and low-functioning retarded faggot
who rages his ass off on steroids and multiple drugs after getting each target arrested, and a deranged predator, 
feel free to completely ruin him.

Name: Azaiah Chadrick Crosswhite
Race: Hispanic
Estimated IQ: 75-80
Mental conditions: Low-functioning narcissism, ADD, intellectual disability, covert psychopathy
Crimes committed: Scamming the federal government for SSDI, scamming the Los Angeles cty govt for food stamps,
ordering electronics with stolen cards to his real address, working an under-the-table job and trying to get
kids jailed on murder charges so he can get an actual payday. Doing all of the above while involving himself in
drug trafficking schemes and lying about his actual income to every single government agency he scams (including the IRS)

Drug use: At least one different hallucinogen a week, marijuana daily, cocaine frequently, also sells to finance his
own addictions, illegal steroid user
Occupation: Paid CHS for FBI Los Angeles (deactivated after his cover was blown)
-Spending his FBI paychecks almost completely on drugs, illegal steroids, and escorts
-Gaslighting his targets into believing they are going insane
-Threatening people on the internet
-Getting sensitive information regarding ongoing investigations from his handler, leaking this information or using it to
mentally abuse and entrap his targets
-Bragging about getting underage kids jailed or interrogated by federal agencies for drug money in Discord calls
-Trafficking in multiple controlled substances with his druggie friends, including one who runs an illegal grow op
-Ordering iPhones and expensive electronics with stolen cards to his real address
-Going into a steroid-fueled narcissistic tard rage when called out for anything
-Meeting up with e-girls IRL and outright raping them; SEE: Brittany; Statutory rape of a second
underage e-girl (California PC 261.5 - FELONY)
-Average number of felonies commited per week: 5


643 S Soto St,
Los Angeles, California, 90023

BWA Moda
lolebola22 on Skype
etta2themax on Instagram
ofthenewworld on Snapchat

Deactivated Cell No is +1 323-320-2161

Date of Birth: 08/31/1997 (August 31, 1997)
Mother: Pamela Pacheco (Mexican illegal immigrant)
Father: Rick Crosswhite (has 10 different children with 5 different women, is a German citizen)

Victims of this shitstain:
Rory Guidry (KMS)
Joshua Haag (misnar) - Almost got the statutory maximum in federal juvenile detention, almost got entrapped relating to
 Azaiah's future murder sting
Others not mentioned here

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