Luke Collins _Tommy Robinson_s Doxer_

So, a lot of people must know of a Mr. 'Tommy Robinson' whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. I have no doubt that everyone who knows of Mr. Robinson knows that he has had multiple Osmon Warnings from the British government, police, and counter-terrorism.

Recently he was up my end to confront an individual of whom had published the address of Mr. Robinson personal residence where his family also reside at. I have no doubt that the poster knew of the genuine threat of rape, assault, and murder (amongst others) against the Robinson family. Just to let you know, Tommy has a partner and multiple kids at that address that Mr. Collins had leaked.

I just want to let you all know, I know of people in the area where the poster is and I understand that a group of police officers have been at the address ever since Mr. Robinson had visited. No doubt he's experiencing exactly what he had put the Robinson family through.

Fun fact. Mr. Collins participates in the play entitled 'Disney's Mulan Jnr.' by the Workington Amateur Operatic Society Juniors Production. Mr. Collins played as a Chinese soldier called 'Ling'. As well as acting as a Bishop in the play 'Les Mis' in 2016. And some other gay shit in some other gay shit.
Additional fun fact - this spastic can't spell for shit.

If anyone wants to challenge me on why I doxed this nonce then please, get into contact with me at
And Luke if you're reading this, then just message me, we can sort this out easily. Tommy wanted it sorted it out too. That also being said, if there is any information within this dox of which you believe is wrong then please get into contact with me immediately so I can sort it out for you. Thanks!


Poster's Information
Name: Luke Collins
Age: 19 (03-07-98)
Alias: LukeCol_98, LukeCol98, Lukeec_98, Lukeec98
Address: 238/240 Mossbay Road, Workington, Cumbria, CA14 3TN (Most likely No.238)
Occupation: Student @ University of Cumbria, Carlisle (Former student @ Lakes College West Cumbria) - Believed to be living on University campus
Youtube Channel: (go to playlists to see his videos etc. All been mirrored now.)
Facebook Profile:

Youtube videos removed from public viewing
Palace of Versailles - Fountain performance - 4K -
Eiffel Tower At Night - 4k -
Up the Eiffel Tower - First Floor - 4k -
29/08/2017 SJW Meltdown! This Week On the Alt Right (Archived) -
Make Great Britain Great Again invades Bookmarks Bookshop (Archived) -

Luke Collins - (WARNING: Creepy Spotty Specky Ginger)

Address Ariel View

Address Street View - (Next to 'GREAT WALL'Chinese takeaway) , & - Address corroborates with both videos linked below. - (Possible subjects house)

Productions worked in - (Like an absolute Dweeb) & 'Mulan' play 'Les Mis' play 'Grease' play

Facebook Videos across the street of Mr. Collins address of Tommy Robinson and Avi Yemini Confrontation


Family Members - (Confirmed!)
Matthew Collins (brother) - & < Likes them gay bikes that have a 50cc engine and that are made for women because they're low in torque.
Sarah Huddart (sister-in-law) - < Mathhew's bitch
Sam Huddart (unknown) -
Peter Collins (unknown) -
Ruth Collins (unknown) -
Glenda Collins (mother) - N/A

Anyone who attacks any of Luke's family or friends are absolute and utter cunts. I hope everyone understood that.

Possible Collins' Associates - (Not all confirmed!)

Possible Huddart Associates - (Not all confirmed!)

I must reiterate this point, and I shall make it very clear. Anyone who attacks any of Luke's family, friends, associates and/or especially those listed above are absolute and utter cunts and should be publicly chastised. I hope everyone understood that. Thanks! x


Additional Points & Observations
1) Doxing is not illegal, it's the way in which you obtain the information and the intention behind the release of the information in which dictates a breach of law.

2) Not all information within this dox has been confirmed as being 100% truthful. That being said, do NOT use any of this information for anything other than observing and disseminating further.

3) You'll be open to attacks and the forms of doxing if you target any member of Luke Collins' family, they are not the intended target, unfortunately just collateral due to the spastics actions in putting the lives of the Robinson family at immediate risk of harm, threat or injury.

4) Do what you want with the information provided in Luke's dox. However, anyone who uses the information to target Luke's family or friends will not be supported by myself, and may, in fact, be open to being doxed themselves. As I have said before, Luke's family are completely innocent in this, he's the one that's been a cunt, and he's the one paying for that.

5) A user by the name of 'Hartu' has made contact with me on my post in the RaidForums posts on the thread and in private messages. I do genuinely believe that this is Luke himself or that of an associate.

6) Police had a very strong presence in and around his home address in the days/week after the initial contact from Tommy. The police had an unmarked presence around the address for a short while after that. Since then police presence has subsided massively, there's no longer a Tactical Support Group (TSG) van at the premises.

7) He loves his dancing and acting, this by default makes him a homosexual and I am set in my ways with that, nothing can prove otherwise! He is also studying 'Performing Arts' at University of Cumbria, Carlisle. What an embarrassment to his family. Just to be clear there is nothing wrong with being a homosexual.

8) He is friends with a tranny and he approves of his mental health crisis. He doesn't care about other peoples mental health.

9) Looks weird.


Archived contents


Just also need to thank everyone for their support and cooperation! Also, another point, do NOT contact his family...

*Need any information removed due to it being false then please do not hesitate to contact me on here via this link below - (account will be needed. Thank you.)*

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