Lautaro pro

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·Personal information:

Full Name: Lautaro Gonzalez Rodriguez
Nicks : lautaro\_pro 
City: Buenos Aires
State/Province: Buenos Aires 
Country: Argentina
study in high school: -----------
school where I study: -----------
Sexo: Masculino
Years: °13
Number of mobile : +5493413812996
GMAIL : [email protected]

·Family Information:


Facebook of the cousin:\_location=friends\_tab
facebook of the second bonus: 
Photo: -------------
·information about your wifi:

IP address:
Hostname: --------
AS Number: AS1131
ISP: Telefónica Móviles Argentina S.A. (Movistar Argentina)
Operating System: Windows
IDD Code: +54
Reverse DNS:
location of the house: -34 / -64
Converted Decimal IP: 3129853916


·Whois Information:

·Social Networks:

Instagram :
Facebooks of family:
facebook of mom:
Skype:  live:lautaro.dosogas

picture of him with his mom and his younger brother: --------------

·Photos of the mother:

Photos of her:

//Doxing by #HispaniaSquad & SoyYo//

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