Kraken cursh fetishist Incomplete

Phone number: +52 1 667 425 5393
Most common nickname: "Kraken"
Real name: Unknown by now
Localization: Mexico/not specified.
About: Probably a hacker. He's a famous crush-fetish maker, he makes videos killing animals and uploads it in the internet. 

He usually posts stuff in 

((Update 20:48 - 21:35))
-He was in a few groups (All of them idle at the moment), *Extreme Gore & Porn*(Facebook & WhatsApp), *World Maniac*(WhatsApp), *Sexo y mas sexo*(WhatsApp), *El Coliseo del Gore*(Facebook &, *Final Cunt*(Facebook).

-He is arround 30-35 years old male, caucasian looking, short hair.

-Most common profile picture:\_background-Hitman-video\_games-white\_clothing-red\_tie-Hitman\_Absolution.jpg

-Porn website:\_ReBlop.jpg

Contact with us: Chicle or akaDrakon.
Contáctanos: Chicle o akaDrakon.