Karthik Sriram Chandran _USA☠️

Reason for dox: Scammed business partners by borrowing over $10,000, but never returned it after 3 years already!

Legal Names: Karthik Ramachandran & Karthik Sriram Chandran
1164 West Madison Street, Unit 401, Chicago, IL 60607 (Recent)
3432 Goldfinch Dr, Naperville, IL 60564 (Parent's address, used on his Driver License)
345 Wacker Drive, Apt. 603, Chicago, IL 60601 (Sister's Address)

[email protected] (most used)
[email protected]
[email protected]

+1-630-605-6023 - Mobile Phone (Sprint)
+1-630-687-0715 - (old)
+1-855-415-4445 - (old)

Ram Ramachandran (father): +1-630-416-9417
Kausalya Ram Ramachandran (mother): +1-630-416-9417
Megan Singal (sister): +1-630-904-3931
Sister's email: [email protected] (Previous name Megan Chandran)

Driver License #: C536-5178-6114 (Illinois)
Name: Karthik Sriram Chandran
DOB: 4-21-1986
Issued: 5-11-2016
Expires: 4-21-2000
Class: D
Type: ORG
Info: Male, 5'10", 160 lbs, BRN Eyes

SSN: 283-02-0849 (May be wrong, need to verify!)

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