Jennifer Kahl_Richey aka HotWifeJK

Jennifer L Kahl-Richey (Born March, 1982) - Hotwife | Slut | MILF | Cumwhore
Married to Luke Richey
Mother of three - Two girls and a boy (you know these girls are gonna be make their Daddy proud!)

1809 S Eastern Rd
Spokane Valley WA 99212-0143


:: PORN ::

Jennifer and Luke are 10 years apart and eventho Jennifer wasn't a virgin when she got married, she wished she could experience more with other men, esp BBCs.
Eventually, Luke agreed to share his wife and the mother of his children under one condition... She had to embrace the Slut-Life 100%
Not a major problem for a woman whom is hunting for bulls stating "I love being called a slut"
From then on, she never wore panties or bras, allowing her men to have easy access to her slut holes.

She hates condoms and is allergic to latex so she gets her men tested then fucks them bareback/raw which allows them to cum inside her too.

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