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$Section 2 - Background information
$Section 3 - Family

This individual is an autistic, egocentric psychopath who can't help but lie about everything. He's an actual pathological liar who just
needed to get pwned. Claims to be undoxable and untouchable, was ran within 3 hours.

(1:11:54 PM) [email protected]: ?
(1:12:03 PM) GANG: Hey, John
(1:12:15 PM) [email protected]: nice
(1:12:19 PM) [email protected]: you're revealing info
(1:12:25 PM) [email protected]: that a lot of people have known for a while now
(1:12:36 PM) [email protected]: idc
(1:12:40 PM) GANG: yeah, and I'm sure everyone knows your name is John Gultekin too right?
(1:13:00 PM) [email protected]: i'm not sure where you got that from
(1:13:06 PM) [email protected]: but
(1:14:47 PM) GANG: how long does it take you to type you retard
(1:14:54 PM) GANG: you got doxed, admit it
(1:15:04 PM) GANG: don't even try denying your dox
(1:16:05 PM) [email protected]: keep making threats, the only person who will face consequences is you
(1:16:34 PM) GANG: homeland says otherwise, John.
(1:16:48 PM) [email protected]: im actually laughing my ass off rn
(1:16:50 PM) [email protected]: because
(1:16:55 PM) [email protected]: they DON'T have power here
(1:17:05 PM) GANG: "they don't have power here"
(1:17:10 PM) GANG: are you implying you aren't in the US?
(1:17:16 PM) [email protected]: no
(1:17:19 PM) [email protected]: you would already know
(1:17:25 PM) [email protected]: if you were really that good
(1:17:40 PM) [email protected]: instead you pull 3 year old info
(1:17:45 PM) [email protected]: and claim that it's current
(1:17:49 PM) [email protected]: idc
(1:17:53 PM) GANG: does apt 3a sound familiar?
(1:17:53 PM) [email protected]: do something about it
(1:17:59 PM) [email protected]: yes
(1:18:00 PM) [email protected]: it does
(1:18:03 PM) [email protected]: you're all big and bad
(1:18:09 PM) [email protected]: but all you can do is pull old info
(1:18:16 PM) GANG: old information?
(1:18:21 PM) GANG: an ATT account says otherwise!
(1:18:23 PM) [email protected]: i'm not in the US
(1:18:24 PM) [email protected]: dumbfuck
(1:18:30 PM) GANG: yes you are LMFAO
(1:18:32 PM) [email protected]: i don't have home internet
(1:18:37 PM) [email protected]: so there is no att account
(1:18:43 PM) [email protected]: hint
(1:18:44 PM) [email protected]: my isp
(1:18:46 PM) [email protected]: is t-mobile
(1:18:59 PM) [email protected]: get your fed friends
(1:19:05 PM) [email protected]: to ask tmobile for logs which don't exist
(1:19:14 PM) [email protected]: because i steal internet using a private method
(1:19:28 PM) GANG: (914) 409-7466

(1:19:48 PM) GANG: I don't think Ayse would enjoy getting spam called
(1:19:58 PM) GANG: or receiving a swat team
(1:20:05 PM) [email protected]: you can't swat someone who's overseas
(1:20:06 PM) GANG: or any sort of harassment tbh
(1:20:07 PM) GANG: LOL
(1:20:16 PM) [email protected]: that info
(1:20:17 PM) [email protected]: is old
(1:20:21 PM) [email protected]: you don't seem to understand
(1:20:23 PM) [email protected]: and if you continue
(1:20:29 PM) [email protected]: plexcoo dropped you
(1:20:37 PM) GANG: yeah and?
(1:20:38 PM) [email protected]: you'll be the only one facing consequences
(1:20:49 PM) [email protected]: so fuck off
(1:20:50 PM) GANG: you're in the US too
(1:20:51 PM) [email protected]: buddy
(1:20:55 PM) GANG: and I don't care about my dox, I'm unswattable
(1:20:58 PM) GANG: I cannot be touched
(1:21:01 PM) GANG: you on the other hand
(1:21:16 PM) [email protected]: if im in the us
(1:21:17 PM) GANG: I can own you
(1:21:19 PM) GANG: and I will own you
(1:21:19 PM) [email protected]: then you're misinformed af
(1:21:26 PM) GANG: keep denying your dox buddy
(1:21:29 PM) [email protected]: im actually not
(1:21:31 PM) GANG: I'll have proof on the dox
(1:21:32 PM) [email protected]: going to deny that im in the us
(1:21:42 PM) [email protected]: believe whatever
(1:21:48 PM) GANG: I will john
(1:21:54 PM) [email protected]: is that all?
(1:21:58 PM) [email protected]: we can end this conversation
(1:22:02 PM) [email protected]: and action will be taken against you
(1:22:02 PM) GANG: the fact that ur denying your dox proves that you're scared
(1:22:08 PM) [email protected]: no
(1:22:15 PM) [email protected]: further action is going to be taken against you
(1:22:16 PM) GANG: you can't do shit to me idiot, ur literally harmless LOL
(1:22:18 PM) [email protected]: so back off
[Image] (1:22:21 PM) [email protected]/34405488561535573762583285 has ended his/her private conversation with you; you should do the same.

Aliases: v0rtex, ICE, irdev, v0;
Skype: disher403
Name: John Gultekin
Current Location(s): Travels frequently between Turkey and Syria on a US passport
Old Location(s): Alexandria, VA, Rochester, NY and Rye, NY;
Birthday: 2000, unknown date
Age: 18
Mother: Ayse Gultekin
Father: Not Available
Education/High School: Not Available, no high school diploma
Home Connection: Unknown whether he has one, but claims to not use a home connection
Cell Phone Number: Uses T-Mobile in the US, and Syriatel/Telefonica O2 UK as his carrier, as well as VoIP and disposable sim cards.
VoIP: 202^559^1488
Email(s): [email protected], [email protected]
Password(s): Not Available
Latest IP Address(es): (Syriatel Mobile Telecom, grabbed from Snapchat), (Netrouting USA)

>Checking Skype disher403
DB Results:

>Ayse Gultekin Serpil (mom)
Ayse Gultekin is 49 years old and was born on 9/7/1968.  Currently, she lives in Rye, NY. Sometimes Ayse goes by various nicknames including ayse  serpil gultekin and ayse s gultekin. Her ethnicity is Caucasian, and religious views are listed as Christian. Ayse is now married. She has a reported annual income of $150,000 - $174,999 and a current net worth value of $250,000 - $499,999.
SSN: Not available, likely because shes an illegal
28 Waters Edge Rye Ny 10580
1101 Boston Post Rd Rye Ny 10580

>Gokhan Gary Gultekin (NOT his real dad)
27 Waters Edge Rye Ny 10580
48 Waters Edge Rye Ny 10580
1101 Boston Post Rd Rye Ny 10580

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