Reason of dox: Being a skript kiddie, a 1337 h4x0r wannabe, and a stupid, edgy, retarded, spanish and autistic faggot.

Known kicknames: Incognito_12	Moon_12	P1R4T	iMAGER	_Hatred_	1337FurryFag	1337FurFag
ThatFurryGuy	Imma1337Furry	int* sub	1m7he0ne	OIRC_JRRocks
OIRC_JustinRyan	EL1AS	xIMRx	пират

First name: Justin

Middle name: Ryan

Last name: Mijalkovski

DOB: 31 Jan 1994

Sex: Male

Sexual orientation: Bi/Gay

Location: Spain, Balearic islands, Ibiza, San Jose

YouTube channel:

- TBB proxy (Galaxy3 log in)
- public /


- [email protected] (Found in a public node.js mailing db)

DNI (Spanish ID) - Discord dump:

Pictures - Discord dump:
- (Zing)
- (Edgy as fuck)
- (His ugly face)
- (Nude)
- (Nude, but a gay one)

More info:
-Uses to play Minecraft, Arma3, Terraria and Garry's Mod.

-He's gay/bi and is in a relationshit or something like that, told by his own word,
with someone called "Tripp" in the Discord server 241029406796152834 (/r/Yiff).
This person's account is Leafy#9784 (ID:291669175603036160)
Also had an older account with the name Tripp#1319, but abandoned it and renamed it
No one just let this account die#1319 (ID:345312916485963776).

	-Known nicknames: Tripp, Leafy, OmniFish, OmniLeaf, NasaLeaf13, MrUnifish, UniFish, UniLeaf, Mr UniLeaf
	-Steam account:
	-First name: William
	-Age: 20
	-Sex: Male
	-Sexual orientation: Bi/Gay
	//end of subdox

-He's a furry, his character is an animal, a deer.

-Claims to be a 1337 h4x0r. Is edgy as fuck.

-He's also a faggot.

Discord servers he's in:
- 135499198865997824 (Hacking-coding) [Thx Eevee]
- 424856874903535616 (1-800-TRAP-HOUSE-BOOMING) [some kind of gay server]
- 241029406796152834 (/r/Yiff) [a furry porn server]
- 243129311421399050 (/r/Music) [he lurks there]
- 371412473816809482 [idk, an autistic mexican youtuber owns this server]
- 221840550578356234 (SmG Gaming Comunity)
- 91539983470452736 (Discordianos) [another shitty spanish server]
- 307920159895715841 (Legion) [another spanish weeb server]

His Discord:
Incognito_12#3290 (ID:338485931332075520) [May change to Moon_12#3290 / others]

//get Rekt

Contact with us: Chicle or akaDrakon.
Contáctanos: Chicle o akaDrakon.