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Your son did and probably still does have a habit of bullying his peers for being "pussies" in his eyes. When they resent him, rightfully, for all he and his friends have done, they are "fucked in the head" for "being full of hatred" and "likely to shoot up a school someday." I don't know what child abuse based home he grew up in but I think you should have kept an eye on the faggot. That's exactly why a kid beat his ass before in the first place. That faggot never knew when to stop. And, this exact reason is why you are now fucked.

Reason For Permanence://
Matthew Mistric's years of bullying multiple students is a clear indication of failed parenting and a possible indication of childhood abuse or neglect from an alcoholic father. Also, a shit job from the mother. Rewards depend on the deeds. Here's yours:

    Name: Julianna Suzanne Mistric
    Maiden Name: Norman
    Aliases: Juli, Jewels, msjewels1215
    Age: 38

    Associate Degree or higher.

    Mount St. Mary Academy (1994)

    Registered Nurse (RN), NICU 

Licenses and IDs:
  Past Nursing License:
   Class: Nursing - Registered Nurse (RN)
   Status: Active
   Date license granted: 01/27/2003
   Date license expired: 07/31/2016

Voter ID:
  Party Affiliation: Optional
  Registered to Vote In:  
  Pulaski County, Arkansas  
  Registration Date:  08/05/1996 
  Voter Status: Inactive 
  Status Reason: Odd Year Mailing
  Precinct: Precinct 041 41.03
  Congressional District: 002
  House District: 041
  Senate District: 034
  School Board District: 197
Home Address:
  106 Shelby Rd.
  Sherwood, AR 

Home Phone Number:
  (501) 864-7353
****Matthew * Mistric****

Age: 19

Date Of Birth:

Cell Phone Number:
   (501) 945-0051

    Primary: College Freshman
    Secondary: Faggot
    Tertiary: Unknown
   University of Central Arkansas 
   201 Donaghey Ave.
   Conway, AR 
   (501) 450-5000


Kelsey Renee Marchese
Age:  19

Pulaski Technical College
3000 W Scenic Dr 
North Little Rock, AR 

Home Address:
404 S Longfield Ave
Sherwood, AR 
AT&T Landline: (501) 834-1771
VOIP: (501) 864-7176


Mother: Gretchen Renee Smith-Marchese

Age: 45-49


Alumni: Mount St. Mary Academy

Occupation: Endoscopy

The Surgical Pavilion
9500 Kanis Rd # 401
Little Rock, AR 

Springhill Surgery Center
3401 Springhill Rd # 155 
North Little Rock, AR 

4301 W Markham St
Little Rock, AR
Girl is a single teen mother of 2 children, due to being a slut.


You know exactly what you did all those years ago, in 8th grade And telling two bully faggots like Matthew and Hunter to start fucking with someone because you got in trouble for sexual assault is fucking wrong. When you told the two faggots that you got in trouble, was that supposed to be retaliation? For telling on you? You didn't even see any trouble because you are female. I bet Iflut and Troutman didn't even tell your mother what you did that day. And GG for lying to the police. Now this is on darknet.

You may deny what you did, but,
You won't deny this dox.

You are fucking sick.


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