Proofs: > He's from hacking community, but in his ''squad'' as we can mention, it doesn't incluid none of hacking
stuff, only minecraft related.
Proofs: < Videos he watched..
Also he uses it's free.. its an online booter..
Proofs: > He's a kid.. lmao

(It might be him, since in his videos he has a kid voice and in his minecraft logo looks in some kind of a way
alike and matches with his old nickname)


Facebook: (gmail linked to this account, probably abandoned account)
Family / Relatives: 


- (USA, probably VPN or proxy)
- (USA, probably VPN or proxy)
- (Anonymous Proxy)
- (SPAIN, catalonia, most reliable) 
> Shown in he's from SPAIN (YT LINK:
- (SPAIN, catalonia, most reliable)
Still working to get more IP's Addresses from ArnauGC.


(GMAIL PROOF EXPLANATION: As we searched in skype logging in information, these gmails are 
listed and match with actual accounts in the DB, that means that the gmails are 
strongly possible matching with the skype accounts) 

- live:miguel_altea > [email protected] Proofs:
- live:arnaugc > [email protected] Proofs:
- live:arnaugcyt >  Proofs:
- live:arnaugc_97 (Not confirmed) >  Proofs:

Skype Groups:


BLOGS / Websites: 

Minecraft SKIN:

- Hash: c61379731995b18740c22cdc0baf1a1fa85a878ee623dcafc185bef2a3a35ec2 
- UUID: 8ae53c53ae324b83b6e836eae40cea2c
- Type: Classic Steve
( NAMES ): 
- ArnauGC
- ArnauEG2

Youtube Channel(s): 

- > ArnauGC Channel
- > Minecraft Server Channel
> IP:
- > ''Squad'' Channel

- FlyCraft > >

Contact with us: Chicle or akaDrakon.
Contáctanos: Chicle o akaDrakon.