Alemania _BrybedHydra2_s Partner_ Exposed

You will die slowly. Lammer

                                                                                                                              #Name: Carlos Abreu
                                                                                                       #Full Name: Carlos Joseph Abreu  #Age: 16
                                         #Country: Venezuela
                                         #State: Aragua
                                         #City: Maracay
                                       #Postal Code: 2103
                                   #Birthdate: 23 September 2002


                                      #Fake Identity w/Exposed:
                                #Full Name: José Luis Zerpa Ceballos

                                               #Age: 17
                                         #Country: Venezuela
                                            #State: Guárico
                                      #City: San Juan De Los Morros
                                           #Postal Code: 2301
                                        #Birthdate: 01 July 2001
                           #Images: | 


                                     #Names previously used:
     Alemania , luisx11 , Keo95flames , KeoFLames , demonho , McKeovinhoBR , Tavarez_ , inofensiva


                                      #Facebook1: I closed it,jejox
                                      #Instagram: I closed it,jejox
                                      #Email1: [email protected]
                                      #Email2: [email protected]
                                      #Email3: [email protected]
 #lives: es_alemania009 , ale_hydra2(closed) , keopimp(closed) , ethicalammer(closed HAHA) , lacava33 


                          #Her Face: |
                          #Her Nudes: |


Reason of the dox: 

- This person was exposed for the simple reason that it was for life threatening people of DDoS (Denial of services) believing what an ethical hacker is and thus abusing their power in the server EsqueleCraft, known by many of this community.

From my part: These are the kind of things that happen to people like you, who think they can go through life simply threatening people without having the slightest idea that it is DDoS, objectives and what is its functionality, and how your brain is not enough developed does not understand or understand the art of DDoS or computer science, social engineering, etc.
- In fact, you thought that being a close friend of EsqueleSquad 01 you were "Untouchable" when it is not like that. The fact of being your friend does not make you immune to what others can do against you because of your GREAT immaturity and your brain SUB DEVELOPED, friend.
- The 01 offered you their friendship, their trust and their protection in exchange for your loyalty. and it is like that, but you abused all that and you dirtied your image to the point of being hated by all and that many pretend to be your friends out of interest, it gives too much pain to the truth.
- Now will you cry to Hydra to give you protection? No, he himself supported me in exposing you to the Internet as the maricon that you really are. There are no more tickets in this cinema for maricones like you.
- The last thing I will tell you and it is the following. You talk to your "friends" (what you do not really have, we all hate you), to RECAPTATE when the same person that should reconsider is you. You go through life talking nonsense that come out of your stinking mouth and shitting all year.
- I will wait for your answer from the old cemetery, and remember that there are many more photos and information that show what you are and what you did to have a Respected Picture in a game, chota.

                                                                           YOU ARE A ZANGANO, BUGARRÓN.



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